If you’re getting ready to take part in all the boozy festivities for St. Patrick’s Day you may want to consider having one more special refreshment on tap this year. Forget the old hair of the dog hangover cure.  Today there are a host of drinks and concoctions that manufactures say will give you a little luck of the Irish by helping you ease your aching head and churning stomach.  To help you celebrate and curb your hangover fears, we put together our top picks for preventative hangover drinks.

1. Mercy



Directed to take as your last drink of the night, the citrus-flavored beverage combines nutrients, vitamins (like B1 and C) and amino acids that together produce one of your body’s most powerful antioxidant, glutathione. Glutathione is like your inner body superhero, it fights off the evil toxin acetaldehyde that forms in your body when you drink. “Mercy preps the body for battle against acetaldehyde, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and healthy,” Dr. Steven Lamm, a NYU School of Medicine faculty member who supports the product told FoxNews.com. The 65-calorie beverage should be taken for every 3-5 cocktails you consume.

Price: $12.50/4-pack

2. Rescue Boost


(Juice Generation)

This nutritional shot by Juice Generation is filled with 100 percent Prickly Pear extract. According to a Tulane Health Sciences Center study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, an extract of prickly pear cactus can decrease hangover symptoms by reducing inflammation in the body. The study found that when taken hours before drinking, the extract can alleviate symptoms like dry mouth and nausea. “Prickly pear has long been used to reduce inflammation, it fights inflammation because it is loaded with micronutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, selenium in the skin, zinc in the seeds, and carotenoids in the pulp,” licensed certified nutritionist Mira Calton told FoxNews.com. “The physiological misery from a hangover can absolutely be minimized. It’s all about removing the inflammation, detoxifying the body and replenishing your micronutrients,” Calton said.

Price: $3.95/ 1oz shot.

3. 989 On Demand


(989 On Demand)

Although it might look like just another sports drink, 989 is an enhanced vitamin beverage that promises to leave any dehydrated and hung-over patron with a healthy dose of nutrients. The 100 percent natural and calorie-free drink helps replenish your body with 9 vitamins, 84 ionic minerals and 5 electrolytes. To ensure that all of its vitamins and active ingredients stay fresh and unaffected by environmental elements like air and light, 989 stores its ingredients inside the bottles air-sealed cap. When your hangover starts to kick in you simply twist open the cap to release the feel-better vitamins into the water below.

Price: $1.99-$2.49/20oz bottle.

4. AQUAhydrate


(Jason Merritt)

When Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, the King of late-night parties, endorses a drink that helps him recover after a night of party-hopping and globetrotting, you know it must work. He and actor/producer Mark Wahlberg recently lent their names to this and other sports nutrition products.  At the AQUAhydrate press conference Diddy announced, “I was at a party last night till 4am, and look how fresh and hydrated I am today.”  Makers of this performance water beverage say it is all about the enhanced electrolytes and a high pH (+9). While the electrolytes work to rehydrate your body the Ph (+9) helps combat acidic waste to bring your body back to balance.

Price: $1.99/ 1L Bottle.

Although these beverages seem like miracle solutions to hangovers, not all health experts are convinced. “Some might help you recover a bit faster—but people who are convinced that they do wonders are probably falling prey to a pretty hefty placebo response. In other words, they could get just as much relief from drinking Gatorade,” Monica Reinagel, Licensed Nutritionist and the Nutrition Diva for Quick and Dirty Tips told FoxNews.com

Dr. Michael Oshinsky, a hangover headache researcher at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia says the only true hangover cure is… not to drink too much, but, if you do, “It would be sufficient for people to treat their hangover by hydrating the body, taking a drug like Advil the night before and then in the morning have a cup of coffee and eat something,” Oshinsky said.

Whichever method you use for easing the unpleasant aftermath of a night of heavy drinking, in the words of the Irish, “May your glass be ever full”.