Company delivers grilled cheese by parachute

We've heard of drones to delivering your pipping hot pizza and other must-have food items.  But food floating from the sky via parachute is really the stuff of childhood foodie dreams.

Jafflechutes, a Melbourne based company that calls itself a “float-down eatery,” is doing just that. Jaffle is Australian slang for grilled cheese.  The company has raised more than $5,300 through a crowd-funded campaign to help start its delivery service off the ground in New York, according to FoodBeast.

So how does it work?

First, you order a sandwich online and pay through PayPal. Prices are set between $5 for cheese and tomato or $6 for classic ham and cheese. Then you wait in a designated area marked with an “X” during a specific time. In a few moments, a Jafflechutes worker will wrap up your meal, attach a mini parachute and send it floating to you below. It might help to practice your catching skills first.

While the whole process sounds like a lot of work, image how great it would be if the trend catches on and city skies are filled with food parachutes around lunchtime. Yum.

Have a look at the service in action.

For the love of Jafflechutes from Klaus Fritz on Vimeo.