Coca-Cola pulls Fanta ad over Nazi controversy

Coca-Cola has yanked an ad for Fanta in Germany after claims it intentionally overlooked the role the Nazi regime had in the soda's creation.

The ad, called "Good Old Times," was meant to celebrate Fanta's 75th anniversary.

The video explained how German bottling plants had to create their own formulas during the 1940s because they couldn't get the ingredients needed to make Coke. What wasn't mentioned was that the syrup was unavailable because of the World War II trade embargoes against Nazi Germany.

"75 years ago, resources for our beloved Coke in Germany were scarce," the video explained. "To celebrate Fanta, we want to give you the feeling of the good old times back," the video went on. The "good old times" were the days of World War II and the Holocaust, in which millions perished.

Coca-Cola said the ad was intended to evoke “positive childhood memories,” and has apologized for the ad.