Good wine can be found in just about anything these days --not just a bottle.

Why be hassled with a bottle, corkscrew or stemware.  These clever and unique packaging concepts are perfect for picnics, hikes--and sharing.

Sofia Mini – Small enough to take anywhere, this clever little package even comes with its own straw. Sofia Blanc de Blanc has delicate bubbles and is light and crisp with flavors of melon and honeysuckle. A 4-pack of this canned sparkler by Francis Coppola Winery, retails for $20 and can be found on the Winery Store website.

STACKED Wines – Perhaps one of the most unique ways to package wine, this product is divided into four separately sealed individual glasses made of durable plastic, with the volume of your typical 750 ml bottle of wine. No longer do you have to worry about wasting any leftover wine from a bottle you couldn’t finish. Perfect for bringing in a cooler skiing or sharing with friends. Each sleeve of wine retails for only $15, so try all varietals- Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. Available at www.stackedwines.com

Bandit – This may look similar to your child’s juice box they bring to school, but this grape is strictly for adults. Each tetra-pack is made largely from renewable resources, comes in a variety of grape varietals, and is perfect to bring along when glassware just isn’t appropriate. The smaller 500ml retail for $4.99 while the large one-liter boxes go for $8.99. Available at many local wine shops across the country.

Target Wine Cube – Yes, Target (as in the store) sells these clever cubes of wine. The cube is deceiving small, and can fit nicely in your fridge or shelf, but beware: it holds a whopping equivalent of four bottles. The advantage of boxed wine is preservation. Your wine will not spoil as quickly since air doesn’t not damage the wine. Wine Cubes are exclusively available at more than 980 Target and Super Target stores across the country that sell wine.

Volere Wine Purse – A perfect gift for Mother’s Day, bachelorette parties, or your fashionista-wino friend. The purse holds the volume of three bottles of wine and is available in Pinot Grigio, Cabernet/Pinot Noir blend, and Rose. They retail for about $14.99 and can be shipped throughout the US. www.StewsWines.com.

Sutter Home Minis – Great to throw into your purse when you need some “me time” on the go, each portable bottle comes in a recyclable plastic bottle with a screw cap.  It retails for $4.99/4-pack.

Unique Corkscrews – Got a good, old fashion bottle of wine and need something to open it with?  Hightower's Custom Chains and Ironwork (a one man band) creates corkscrews out of old railroad spikes? Hat tip to wine expert Mark Oldman who told us that he bought some as gifts. See how they are made and how to get your own, here.