Clever Kitchen Appliance Turns Fruit Into Booze, Makes Us Finally Want to Purchase Fruit

The days of making homemade hooch in your bathtub are over: Thanks to a new invention known as the Alchema, brewing booze in the non-bathroom areas of your home has never been easier!

Invented by a group of alkies friends in Taiwan, the Alchema is described as a "the first smart home cider-making system," though it's also capable of making mead or wine from sugar, yeast, and the various fruits you've got lying around the kitchen. Just place the glass pitcher inside the Alchema to disinfect, then fill it with your preferred ingredients (or follow one of the recipes included on the Alchema app) and start fermenting. In as little as a week, you'll have a pitcher of (possibly) palatable cider:

The only downside? The Alchema doesn't come cheap. At $429, it's about a fifty times as expensive as your favorite However, the Alchema does come with a one-year warranty, and that's something Walmart can never offer on a 1.5L bottle of Arbor Mist!

Check out a few more product shots below, then order yourself an Alchema and start using your bathtub for its intended purpose again: