Keep these potentially deadly decorations out of reach of pets and children... and very curious adults.

1. Tinsel and ornaments



Let’s face it: even as an adult, shiny objects are pretty enticing. Now just imagine how wondrous they seem to children and animals. While tinsel isn’t toxic, it can cause problems if ingested, especially for pets, as the foreign object could twist and tangle up in their intestines.

2. Poinsettias



Though they are less toxic to humans than once believed, poinsettias can cause extreme discomfort when ingested. If your toddler has a bite, it can cause a mild stomachache, diarrhea, and vomiting. It is likely that people with a latex allergy will be allergic to poinsettias as well, since they both share similar proteins, and a severe reaction shouldn’t be treated lightly. Animals that nibble on these plants will likely experience mouth and stomach irritation and occasional vomiting.

3. Mistletoe

Hanging green mistletoe with a red bow

Hanging green mistletoe with a red bow. Isolated on white. (iStock)

Sure, it’s great for romance, but mistletoe shouldn’t be consumed — ever. Though the fatality rate of ingested mistletoe is low, eating the leaves or berries or making tea from this plant warrants a call to poison control.

Beware: these Christmas decorations can be deadly.

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