Chew on This: Froyo in an edible cup

It’s the latest trend in eco-friendly packaging: edible food containers.

WikiFoods has created the WikiPearl, bite-sized balls that can be filled with everything from ice cream to cheese, even liquids. The “skin” or outer layer is plastic-free, edible, and bio-degrable made via molecular interactions between organic fruit and natural ions.WikiFoods founder David Edwards says the skin is so durable that WikiPearls can be placed straight into your grocery bag, washed and handled, without being damaged.

Their first partnership is a collaboration with Stonyfield, makers of organic yogurt, to create Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls --which is froyo inside a fruit-like skin. Stonyfield is touting it as the “No cup, no spoon required” way to eat. Right now they come in four fruit inspired flavors: coconut/chocolate, peach/vanilla, banana/vanilla, banana/chocolate, strawberry/chocolate, and strawberry/vanilla.

We got a chance to try try them, which reminded us a little like a yogurt Slushie.

Right now, they’re only available in a handful of grocery stores in Massachusetts.

If you have plans to go to Paris, France, take a trip to the WikiBar, where you can sample ice cream and other experimental WikiFoods. And later this summer, the edible inventors are scheduled to open an outpost in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

WikiFoods isn't the first to introduce an edible container.  Last year, Bob's, a Brazilian burger chain that claimed their burgers are “irresistible,” served them in edible paper so customers didn't have to waste time unwrapping them.

While the WikiPearl doesn't completely eliminate the need for plastic food packaging, it's an interesting first step--and they don't taste half bad.

Now that's something to chew on.

Sky McCarthy contributed to this report.