Chef Jeremie Tomczak Reveals the Secret to the Perfect Ribeye Steak

A steak isn't worth eating if it's not cooked right. It doesn't matter if you start with the tangiest marinades or the fanciest seasonings; you still have to know the proper cooking technique if you really want to maximize flavor and texture.

As the chef of NYC's acclaimed East Village eatery King Bee, Jeremie Tomczak knows that less is more when it comes to searing a steak. With nothing but salt, butter, and a good ol' fashioned cast-iron pan, Tomczak takes a tender beef ribeye to new heights with his restaurant's signature recipe.

Check out the video above to learn Tomczak's secrets for selecting, seasoning and searing a picture-perfect steak, then head out to the butcher shop and try mastering his technique tonight!