Burger King treats terminally ill dog to free cheeseburgers

A terminally ill dog is living out his final days snacking on his favorite food thanks to a Burger King in Ohio.

Ten-year-old Cody, a boxer-lab mix, was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago, so his family has been doing everything they can to keep him happy and comfortable, including buying him cheeseburgers every day from the fast-food chain.


His owner, Alex Karcher, shared on social media that Cody was given only one to three months to live after his devastating diagnosis.

"My family and I were heartbroken over the news, but we decided we wanted to try and make the last part of his life the best we could. Every day since we found out, we've gotten him a plain cheeseburger to eat with his many medications to make it easier and more enjoyable for him," he wrote on Twitter.

Karcher explained that when he stopped into the Toledo Burger King on Sunday to buy Cody’s usual, the employee inquired about the order. After telling her about the dog, the woman went to speak with her manager. When she came back, she told Karcher that Cody could eat for free at their location.

"I can't explain how much that means to us, and my family and I are beyond appreciative," Karcher wrote. He also called the fast-food employees “the best around.”

“Thanks to @BurgerKing for showing so much love and kindness towards my family and our dog, Cody. It’s appreciated more than words can describe,” he added.

Others on social media have been sending Karcher and Cody an outpouring of love and well-wishes and praising the fast-food chain for the kind gesture.

“Wow, I wish Cody the best. This jerked a tear from me, I'll admit it. I know the love an animal can give you, and it’s amazing seeing how a dog can spread love to an employee at Burger King who just heard a story about him. What a heartfelt company, I hope Cody can stick through,” one person wrote.

“That was humanity working at its best.  Thank you for what you did for this dog.  God Bless you Always,” someone commented.

“Why is Burger King making me cry at 7:30 on a Monday morning...” another person wrote.

“Big love to both of you, I hope Cody enjoys the food and has some amazing times. I'm so sorry. Love and hugs to Cody,” someone else commented.


Burger King didn’t immediately respond to Fox news’ request for comment, but the company did respond to Karcher’s tweet.

“The world needs more kindness and empathy. Thank you for giving us the chance to do this for Cody,” the company wrote.