Burger King in Japan introduces an all-black cheese burger

First there was the burger simply made with a black bun.

Now Burger King in Japan has gone even darker with an all-black burger.

Introducing the Kuro Burger, made with a black bun, black sauce and black cheese, reports Kotaku.com.

The cheese looks like slices of processed American cheese singles—but dark as night--and reportedly made with smoked charcoal.

The cheese is layered on a beef patty, which contains black pepper and topped with a black sauce made with onion, garlic, and squid ink.  All of this is placed between two buns, also made of charcoal.

There are two types of burgers: the Kuro Pearl and the Kuro Diamond, which has lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. In case you're wondering, the mayonnaise is still white.

The burgers go on sale later this month in Japan for a limited time only.