Bacon makes everything better. Burger King already had offered cheesy tater tots on its side-dish menu, but now the fast-food burger chain has upped the ante by serving up bacon cheesy tots.

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“You asked for bacon, we got you bacon,” Burger King boasts on its website. The site describes the tots as “melted cheese potato bites with smoky bacon bits, covered in a crunchy bread crumb coating … served hot and crispy with your order.”

Cheese, potato, bacon, hot and crispy…that’s got to be the 5 food groups right there, no? Eight tots come in an order, and if you eat them all, that’s 330 calories. A spokesperson for Burger King told The Daily Meal that the tots are available for a limited time at select restaurants nationwide. (Cheesy tots without the bacon are also a limited-time offering.)

Fans seem pretty happy about the menu addition.

Cheese, bacon and potato are a popular mix these days. McDonald's now has cheesy bacon fries available nationwide, so it's not surprising that BK would get in on the act.

If you need something to wash down the tots, check into Burger King’s new coffee club, where you pay $5 and get a small brewed coffee every day for a month. Cheesy bacon tots are on the actual menu for now, but there are also plenty of fast-food secret menu items.