Bud Light introduces cocktail inspired malt beverages

Bud Light has unveiled a new line of cocktail-inspired ready-to-drink beverages after the success of their Lime-A-Rita beer margaritas.

Bud Light MIXXTAILs clock in at 8 percent ABV—double the beer but on par with similar malt beverages like Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The line comes in three flavors Long Island, Firewalker and Hurricane which purportedly taste similar to the original cocktails behind the canned and bottled drinks, will be available in stores Feb. 16.

“We created a cocktail-inspired beverage to quench consumers' demand for more variety, mixology and easy, convenient cocktail solutions. MIXXTAIL'S bold cocktail taste makes it the perfect pregame in a bottle," said Bud Light’s vice president Alexander Lambrecht, in a company press release.

But unlike beer, these cocktails are best served over ice.

So if taking three minutes to whip up a cocktail takes too much time, Bud Light MIXXTAIL may be your go-to beverage of choice this summer.