A Scottish bakery is being accused of glamorizing drug use after it baked up some batches of cupcakes topped with edible blue crystals made to resemble the drug Methamphetamine

According to the Evening Standard, the Riverhill Coffee Bar in Glasgow, has made three batches of "Breaking Bad" cupcakes --inspired by the hit AMC show -- which features character Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who takes to cooking Meth to pay for his treatment for terminal cancer.

Have a look at the cupcakes here.

Now a local anti-drug group and at least one Glasgow-based politician are arguing that selling the blue candy-topped treats glamorizes drugs.

Christine Duncan, chief executive of Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs, told the Evening Standard: "The glamorizing of drugs is completely distasteful."

This isn't the first time that blue candied sweets resembling Meth has caught media attention. Earlier this year a donut shop in New Mexico was selling a“Breaking Bad” donut featuring blue frosting topped with what looks like blue crystal methamphetamine.