Black market Olive Garden 'Neverending Pasta Pass' on sale for $399 on eBay

If you weren’t lucky enough to snag Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass, you may have to shell out big bucks for the chance to gorge on pasta for over a month.

On Monday, 1,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes, which went on sale on its website for just $100, sold out in just 45 minutes and crashed the site.

Now, black market passes are selling on third-party websites, such as Ebay, following the new promotion giving customers an unlimited access to pasta, breadsticks, and soda for 49 days. As of Wednesday morning, there were 66 individual listings on eBay, with some passes selling for as much as $399.

One eBay posting reads, “Here is your once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a sold out Olive Garden pasta pass.”

Even at that hefty price tag, you'd still be able to eat for just $8.14 a day --which some would consider a bargain.

NYMag's Grubstreet reports that a few passes have been spotted on Craigslist boards across the country. A pass in Austin is going for $200. Others are on sale in Milwaukee.

Those looking to score a deal through less official means should be wary of Internet scammers. The deal has given the company some much-need promotion amid falling sales.  But all this pasta pleasure could backfire if black market traders and scammers turn people's stomach.

The promotion officially starts Sept. 22.