Spring has finally sprung and that means warm weather is here. So get out and toast the season.

If you're not a rosé fan but still want something light and refreshing to knock back during these steamy, pre-summer nights, check out our spring beer list. It's full of fresh, herbaceous and fruity brews that will satisfy any palate.

1. Deschutes Swivelhead Red


Not too light and not too dark, this flavorful brew is a great transition into warmer days. Swivelhead Red smells like dried blueberry with a touch of honey. We even picked up on notes of iced tea. The scent is also true to the flavor. Deschutes captures the taste of fresh blueberry, which melts into raw sugar notes, ending with a pleasantly bitter finish.

2. Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale


Pour this honey colored beer into a glass and immediately get a whiff of pine and citrus. There is a light sweetness to the aroma as well. The first sip surprised us with its hoppiness-- based on the scent. The taste includes bright notes of lemon and a satisfying crispness. Definitely pick up a six pack because this is a session beer.

3. Anchor Blackberry Daze IPA


This beer is a pale, pinkish-purple color that just screams springtime. It's pretty hard to resist taking a sip to simply investigate the pleasant aroma. This brew is tart, like fresh blackberries, and has a hoppy kick. The finish is spicy, with white pepper notes but the fruity notes make it a perfect choice to pair with some backyard barbecue grub.

4. Devils Backbone Trail Angel Weiss


Trail Angel is a brew with a purpose. It's dedicated to the Trail Angels of the Appalachian Trial, the guides who help hikers get food, water, or a warm place to stay along the celebrated trail. When creating Trail Angel, the brewers must have had trail mix in mind. This beer is smooth and very drinkable with a lemony flavor, spiked by hints of spiced banana.

5. Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS)


We've been trying to get our hands on this beer for sometime now and it was worth the wait. Pour yourself a glass and you'll be treated to aromas of caramel, coffee, and even chocolate. For a strong, dark beer, it has a very light mouth feel. The flavor reminded us of a smooth bourbon with that alcoholic bite at the end. The finish is bitter, but also a little sweet. We liken the entire experience to drinking an espresso with a spoonful of sugar.

6. SweetWater Grass Monkey


What fragrances come to mind when you think of spring? Maybe fresh cut grass and lemon? That’s the aroma of this SweetWater brew. The lemony taste is bright and fresh. You may even pick up notes of banana. It’s the perfect combination of tart and bitter.

7. Sam Adams Fresh as Helles


Sam Adams created a winner with this refreshing brew. Fresh as Helles has floral notes that have been steeped in the oils of an orange peel, creating a flavor that reminds us of an orange chamomile tea with a bready finish. However, it manages to be light and refreshing. Right now, you'll be able to find this beer on tap at a lot of bars where Sam Adams is served, so we recommend getting yourself a fresh pint.

8. Full Sail Papaya IPA


This IPA, which is both sweet and bitter, is all about balance. With some vague pineapple notes, Full Sail somehow managed to capture the scent of a tropical Starburst in the brew-- but it's definitely not super sweet. Drinking this beer makes you feel like summer is around the corner.

9. Elysian DayGlow IPA


You've heard us say this before. If an IPA smells like cheese, it’s going to be a good IPA. That may sound strange to some but these are words we live by. This IPA has a nice combination of both malts and hops. You may even pick up some wheat notes as well. Make sure you savor the tropical fruit flavors because they make this brew a standout.

10. Two Roads Honeyspots Road


Two Roads took a traditional style of beer and made it their own. This intense, unflitered IPA is mellowed by the sweet taste of golden honey. Much like the slogan for Sourpatch Kids candy-- “first they're sour, then they're sweet”-- this brew packs a bitter punch but mellows into a smooth, bready brew.

11. Reuben's Brews Daily Pale


This session IPA should be enjoyed outside on a sunny day.  It’s a fresh, easy-drinking IPA that's not too bitter with subtle notes of salt. The finish is flora,l almost like chamomile. Sometimes the best beers are simple and just help quench your thirst.

Erik Berte, Thomas Cocho, Nicolette Kearney, William McNamara, Rebecca Simon, and Courtney Crawford contributed to this article.