Awesome distilleries you should visit right now

With new products, new facilities, and new-found interest among an ever-more-thirsty public, distilleries around the world are updating their offerings to entice visitors with more than just free tastes of distinctive spirits and cordials. Here are some awesome places to visit right now.

1. Laverstoke Mill

(Photo Courtesy Bombay Sapphire)

Bombay Sapphire opened the renovated Laverstoke Mill to visitors in October, with a pair of striking glass greenhouses on the grounds of the 10-century mill. They don’t just look great: The Thomas Heatherwick-designed structures house samples of the botanicals that flavor the gin. It’s located in Hampshire, about 60 miles southwest of central London.

2. Stranahan’s

(Photo Courtesy Kevin Von Qualen)

Small-batch distillery Stranahan’s has attracted a cult following in Colorado, and its bottling line is famously staffed by volunteers willing to lend a hand for an inside view of the whiskey’s production. Now, expanded capacity will give the spirit a national footprint—and will probably lengthen the rolls of aficionados looking to contribute. Fortunately, more traditional tours are also now available.

3. Aberfeldy Distillery

(Photo Courtesy Dewar's)

At the Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery, a recently upgraded visitor center presents additional historic memorabilia and whisky-inspired art. There’s also a new on-site cafe—and a “dramming bar” with plenty of expressions to sample. It’s located in Aberfeldy, three miles from the birthplace of John Dewar and about two hours north of Edinburgh.

4. Campari Gallery

(Photo Courtesy Campari)

Visitors to the Campari Gallery in Milan’s Sesto San Giovanni neighborhood can explore 150 years of aperitivo history through the many original artworks commissioned by the brand, including pieces by Milton Glaser and Fortunato Depero. The latest reason to visit, though, is outside the gallery walls: Ten street artists recently painted their own guerrilla-style Campari ads on walls in the area with the brand’s blessing.

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