Get ready for another season of  "Bizarre Foods America". Culinary adventurer Andrew Zimmern kicks off another season tonight (10 p.m. on Travel), this time staying in the 50 states to sample unusual entrees like smoked raccoon and guinea pig.

This morning, Zimmern was on the set of "Fox and Friends" to share some culinary treats with Gretchen Carlson.

On the menu: things the candidates might encounter on the campaign trail, like venison, jellied fish and blood sausage.

The first thing he served up was boudain-- a pork and rice sausage, a favorite in Louisiana.  We didn't think this look too strange until we saw that a common variety of the sausage is the noir variety, make with pig blood, and other ingredients.

The meats he laid out looked pretty delicious, until Carlson wanted nothing to do with the lutefish --cod soaked in lye and turned into jello-like substance.

He reminds us that exploring food is a great way to understand different sub-cultures. For a guy who's eaten 15 types of rats this serves as a warning to everyone.