‘Amy’s Baking Company’ owner allegedly threatens customer with knife

They’re back.

The folks behind Amy’s Baking Company are making headlines again after co-owner Samy Bouzalgo, went after a drunk patron with what witnesses say was a knife outside the restaurant.

According to TMZ, Samy’s wife, Amy Bouzaglo, got angry at the patron on Saturday and ordered him to leave the Scottsdale, Ariz. restaurant—which he did. Amy says the man charged at her and her husband pushed her out of the way. Witnesses reported Samy waved what looked like a knife while yelling. A video, posted on TMZ, shows Samy yelling and waving the object while Amy tries to restrain her irate husband.

Scottsdale police were called to the restaurant, but police spokesman David Pubins says the man already left by the time officers arrived.

Someone from the restaurant later told TMZ that Samy was wielding a pen, rather than a knife.

Police told CBS5 they wanted to talk to the customer and charges could still be filed.

The Bouzalgos became a national spectacle after an appearance on FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares" in May 2013, when the couple was shown feuding with both customers and employees. Servers told host Gordan Ramsay during the filming that  the couple pocketed their tips.

Ramsay eventually walked away from filming.

After the episode aired, the couple had a meltdown on social media, and called those who criticized their restaurant "stupid" and "fools."