There are often times in our lives that we look at the foolish actions of others and simply ask, ‘Why?’ Why do people use the repetitive phrase “ATM machine?” Why would anyone want to keep up with the Kardashians? And what is the draw with spicy food challenges?

Don’t get me wrong, I love spicy foods. After being a total wimp as a kid, I eventually grew up, and also moved to the Hunan Province in China, one of the spiciest regions of the world.

But even then, I still wouldn’t agree to consume mass quantities of what are deemed the spiciest of foods.

Check out more insanely hot dishes from across the country.

Still, these incredibly hot dishes are out there for those folks insane brave enough to try them, and we decided to do a round-up of five of the very hottest. I’d warn you against attempting to eat any of these foods, but I really don’t need to: Each restaurant will already take care of that part.

1. The 4 Horseman Burger at Chunky’s, San Antonio


(Courtesy Chunk's Burgers)

Let us count the ways the Four Horseman Burger from Chunky’s in San Antonio looks like a bad idea right away. First, the restaurant’s website has a video of Man v. Food stopping by to try it — on their home page. The show's host Adam Richman referred to the first bite as “already a billion times hotter than I anticipated."

Second, the ingredients are listed as containing fresh jalapeño peppers, serrano peppers, a habanero sauce, and a ghost pepper. Third, the challenge comes with rubber gloves for competitors to wear and a “chuck bucket” for hurling, since it is apparently a common occurrence. Fourth, you get your picture on the wall if you complete it. And fifth and finally (although there are definitely more reasons), although there’s a solid collection of champions on the website, barely anyone is smiling, most have inflamed, red mouths, and some are even lying down. Why, people? Why?!

Over 6,000 people have attempted the challenge. Only a couple hundred have completed it successfully.

2. Great Balls of Fire at Salvador Molly’s, Portland, Ore.


(Courtesy Salvador Molly's)

"Man v. Food" stopped by Salvador Molly’s in Portland, Oregon, to try its “Great Balls of Fire Challenge,” which consists of eating five meatballs with sauce. How hard could this be? Well, when the meatballs are actually habanero cheese fritters, apparently it’s pretty darn difficult.

As a note, ordering basically any meal that involves getting your picture on the wall (or HALL of FLAME, in this case) afterward is probably a bad idea. How exactly does it taste? According to an IBetYouWont.com commentator, “as if I had swallowed a porcupine dipped in battery acid.”

3. Inferno Soup at Nitally’s, St. Petersburg, Fla.



For the past five years, misguided diners wish death wishes have been attempting the Inferno Soup Challenge at Nitally’s Thai-Mex in St. Petersburg. The 48-ounce soup mostly contains Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers (generally ranked as the second spiciest in the world), and as far as eating challenges go, the stakes have never been higher.

Champions get awarded a cash prize of $100 if they win, which is quite generous — but if they lost, it will cost them $65, on top of the fact that they’re probably breathing fire and oozing molten lava straight out of their pores. One final warning: It took two years before someone managed to successfully finish the soup.

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