Ever wonder if your regional neighbors are grilling up the same dishes you are? Growing up in the Midwest, my childhood summers were filled with grilled corn and chicken, and topped off with fruit cobbler. But what are popular, seasonal dishes in other regions?

As Epicurious' official data and research analyst, I wanted to find out.

I was able to pull the most popular Epicurious recipes by US regions during the summer months, resulting in the infographic above. It seemed natural the South would be pretty into BBQ and grilling, and East Coasters would be looking for seafood recipes -- but I also found some common ground: Americans in all states like chicken, corn on the cob, garlic dill pickles, a patriotic Fourth of July flag cake, and, of course, a Moscow Mule to top it off!

Tell us where youre from and what your favorite summer recipes are in the comments.

1. Recipes Popular in all U.S. regions



Though every state has their specialties, across the country corn on the cob, dill pickles and flag cakes for July 4th are popular. Check out the map above to see what's popular in your area and nationwide.

2. Pacific

Shrimp grilled with beer


People in the Pacific love fresh fruit and fresh fish. Shrimp cooked with lime and chile takes the top spot but raspberry jam and strawberry rhubhard pie give a little color to the top five.

3. Mountain



Quinoa and black bean salad takes top prize for the mountainous states. Other fresh picks include falafel and shrimp scampi.

4. West North Central



It's all about good old-fashioned raspberry jam in the Mid-West.

5. West South Central

White Cake Balls

Cake balls on floral fabric (iStock)

It's not just about the meet in Texas. Turns out a lot of Southerners like something sweet as the weather heats up. Cake balls take the number one spot as the top recipe for this region.

6. East North Central



Mid-Westerners love their pie in the summer. Strawberry-rhubarb and classic sour cherry both make the top five list.

7. East South Central



Pucker up for some Lemon Icebox Pie if you find yourself in the Deep South during the summer.

8. South Atlantic



Classic Shrimp Scampi is a favorite dish along the southern East Coast. Butter, garlic and a little lemon- what's not to love about this dish?

9. Mid Atlantic



A refreshing, green summer pasta is the perfect way to get a little color on your plate. Pesto pasta is a popular dish in the Mid Atlantic region.

10. New England



New Englanders love their seafood but the summer is time to try a few fresh items. From pesto pasta, to fresh pie, these guys seem to love it all.

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