The plight of a food lover faced with a movie theater’s almost-stale popcorn and watered-down soda is all too real. Thankfully, some culinary-minded theater owners across America have come to the rescue, offering waiter service, signature cocktails, and gourmet snacks for customers to enjoy with Hollywood’s best flicks from the past and present. Just in time for the holiday movie season, here are food-lover friendly theaters around the country. Forget dinner and a movie—do a dinner at a movie.

1. Alamo Drafthouse (Austin, TX, and various locations)


(Courtesy of Nick Simonite (left), Cory Ryan (right))

With their inventive menus and signature cocktails, the Drafthouse empire is the pinnacle of the movie/food experience. Later this month, Alamo Drafthouse Ritz will be hosting a Lord of the Rings Trilogy Feast, which combines 12 hours of LOTR with 7 courses that include hobbit-friendly first and second breakfasts. Bring on the Stewed Coney (pictured above).

2. Living Room Theater (Portland, OR)


(Courtesy of Living Room Theaters)

Does your Friday night typically involve a date with your couch? Living Room Theater in Portland, Oregon, says you can have your couch and a bartender, too. This theater goes above and beyond buttered popcorn by offering truffles from Missionary Chocolates, caramel corn, and an array of cocktails from their full-service bar.

3. CinéBistro (Miami, FL, and various locations)


(Courtesy of Isaac Stewart)

Florida is about fun in the sun but what happens when night falls? Let's nix the alligator hunting idea and instead catch a movie at CinéBistro. Feast on yellowfin tuna tacos and guayaba con queso empanadas as you watch your flick, a welcome break from fast-paced Miami.  Be sure to order one of CinéBistro's special cocktails, like the Joy Luck Club Lychee and Tropic Thunder.

4. Commodore Theater (Portsmouth, VA)


(Courtesy of Commodore Theater)

Not located on the coast? No fear, there is a food-focused movie theater for you, too. Offering nightly dining services with screenings, The Commodore is a classic, allowing movie-goers to order onion rings and beer from the kitchen by phones at their tables. Their popcorn is also popped with coconut oil, a refreshing variation on the fat-laden theater favorite.

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