America picks newest Lay's Potato Chip flavor: Cheesy Garlic Bread

The votes have been tallied and America has spoken.  Lay's has a new potato chip flavor: Cheesy Garlic Bread.

The new chip is a result from Lay's' "Do Us A Flavor" contest where the company released three crazy flavors of potato chips and had the people decide which one they liked best.

Karen Weber-Mendham of Land O'Lakes, Wis. was the brainchild of the fan favorite Cheesy Garlic Bread, beating out Chicken and Waffles and Sriracha. Weber-Mendham  gets $1 million in grand prize money or one percent of her flavor's 2013 net sales (whichever is higher). The chips will now go on sale nationwide for the rest of 2013.

Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest runs all over the world and has had some pretty interesting suggested flavors, including Walkie Talkie Chicken, Chilli & Chocolate, Late Night Kebob-- even Cajun Squirrel.

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