Everyone loves a challenge, especially when it comes to food.

Restaurants serve food so spicy that just eating a single meal could send you to the hospital.

Check out these meals that hurt so good.  Just remember, if you need to call 911, you can't blame the chef.

1. XXX Wings, Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap, Chicago


(Jake Melnick's Corner Tap)

The supremely spicy sauce that coats these wings contains the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, until recently named the world's hottest pepper (the Carolina Reaper just surpassed it). These wings are served with a fireman's hat and cooling agents like bread and milk. Those brave enough to successfully finish all the wings earn a spot on Jake's Wall of Flame.  But to get a taste, you first have to sign your life away.

2. P’haal, Brick Lane Curry, New York City


(Brick Lane Curry House)

This Manhattan Indian restaurant serves scorching hot P'haal curry that's described as more pain and sweat than flavor.  The owners ask those willing to take the plunge to "state a verbal disclaimer not holding us liable for any physical or emotional damage after eating the curry." If you do finish your serving, a cold bottle of beer is on them and you get your picture in the P'haal of fame.

3. Habanero Pizza, Flying Pie Pizza, Boise, Id.


(Flying Pie)

The Habanero pizza at Flying Pie Pizza has a variety of heat options, with the hottest coming in the form of an 18-inch pie topped with a sauce made with 18 habanero peppers. The waiver is only for if you want to take the pie out of the building, and reads: While the pizzas are hot and spicy, Flying Pies guarantees that you will return to a safe and normal life after taking on the challenge.

4. The 4 Horsemen Burger, Chunky’s Burgers, San Antonio, Tex.



Those brave enough to take on the 4 Horsemen Burger at Chunky's Burgers must sign a waiver before they partake in what Travel Channel's "Man V. Food" host Adam Richman dubbed the "Hottest Burger on the Planet." The burger is topped with four of the world's hottest chile peppers:  jalapeno, serrano, habanero, and the ghost chile, better known as the bhut jolokia.  To make things more exciting, challengers have a mere 25 minutes to finish it.

5. Blair’s 16 Million Reserve, Austin, Tex.



Blair's 16 Million Reserve hot sauce is made with ultra-refined version of chilli powder and rings in at 16,000,000 on the Scoville heat scale.  To give you an idea of how hot that it, it is 8,000 times stronger than Tabasco sauce. So whether you order it online or purchase in a store, you've got to sign a waiver beforehand.

6. Pasta Plate From Hell, East Coast Grill, Cambridge, Mass.


-0001-11-30T00:00:00.000-05:00 (East Coast Grill)

The Pasta Plate from Hell at East Coast Grill is only available once a year during their annual Hell Week in January. The secret spice in their dish is the naga pepper, which is one of the world's hottest. The restaurant requires a signed waiver from guests before they even order, acknowledging that they are putting themselves in danger. This is just a publicity stunt?  Customers have been known to pass out after eating the dish.

7. Cinco Chiles Burrito, SolToro’s Tequila Grill, Mohegan Sun Casino, Conn.

fresh mexican burrito

delicious mexican famous burrito with hot sauce (iStock)

A waiver is required for those who dare to take on the Cinco Chiles Burrito at SolToro's Tequila Grill at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. It's fiery qualities are from a combo of five chiles: poblanos, jalapenos, chipotles, serranos and habaneros that are blended in. This hefty burrito weighs in at 3 lbs and must be finished in one sitting.

8. Spicy Tuna, Bushido, Charleston, S.C.



The spicy tuna roll challenge at Bushido's Japanese Restaurant is not for the faint of heart. Diners are asked to eat 10 hand rolls with increasing degrees of heat, with the last being the hottest. Those who eat all 10 in one sitting are considered a legend of the roll and get a nifty headband and serious bragging rights. People must be 18-years to participate and must sign a waiver beforehand.  They also must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

9. Thai Food Challange, Pearl Café, Florissant, Mo.



Pearl Cafe has some of the spiciest Thai food most people will ever experience. After a waiver is signed, challengers will be served four different plates of food, with each one being a different level of spicy. Starting at level 25 and going up to level 100, willing participants must agree that if they feel the need to vomit from the heat at anytime during the challenge, they'll pay a $10 penalty fee to the restaurant.