Even though Team USA is out of the World Cup, there's plenty of reasons to keep following the action.  And with an all-time record of tournament goals scored so far, you'll need to munch away those nerves amid these hair-raising matches.

We've come up with a list of the best sips and snacks from the soccer-crazed country for you to enjoy while watching the games.

1. Brigadeiro


(Sasha Bogursky)

This sticky treat is often compared to a chocolate bonbon, but brigadeiro are so much better than your average truffle.

These bite-sized sweets are seen at every Brazilian party and are made of sweetened condensed milk mixed with chocolate or other flavors. The condensed milk is heated in a pan until it becomes smooth and sticky enough to roll into small balls. The treats are then covered in sprinkles or rolled in sugar. Once they are cooled, they are ready to eat.

Just be careful, once you start, you won't be able to stop.

2. Bolinho de bacalhau


(Sasha Bogursky)

Bolinho de bacalhau, or codfish balls, are round, golden little bites of heaven. Breaded salty codfish is mixed with potatoes and deep-fried to perfection. Pop one of these into your mouth and it'll taste like you're sitting on the beach.

3. Caipirinha


No World Cup game is complete without Brazil's unofficial national drink -- the Caipirinha.

Made from a sugarcane rum called cachaca, limes and lots of sugar, this drink will have you rooting for Brazil before you can say Neymar.

Don't have any cachaca on hand? Replace the cachaca with vodka and you've got a Caipiroska.

4. Pao de Queijo


(Sasha Bogursky)

Pao de Queijo, or cheese buns, are like dinner rolls but taken to the next level. Made from cassava or corn flour, these delicious rolls have a gooey-cheesy inside.

5. Guarana (soda)



We've all heard of guaraná as a natural source of caffeine often found in energy drinks, but in Brazil it has long been enjoyed as a soda.

Available in many countries, including the United States, the soda gets its flavor from the guaraná berry and is said to taste like an apple-berry mixture.

6. Bem-casados


(Sasha Bogursky)

Bem-casado, which literally means happy married in Portuguese, are kind of like a Brazilian whoopie pie. Two vanilla cakes are "married" by a layer of dulce de leche. Typically served at weddings, these treats are best served all the time.

7. Queijo de Minas


(Sasha Bogursky)

This cheese gets its name for the place in Brazil that it is from -- Minas Gerais. The cow's milk cheese is mild and is often served with goiabada, a sweet guava paste. The pairing is so delicious it is called romeu-e-julieta, or Romeo and Juliet.