5 foods Barbara Bush loved

Barbara Bush was a much-admired woman who always believed in the importance of family, so it's no surprise that many of her favorite foods are perfect for sharing with the ones you love. Here are five foods the former First Lady was particularly fond of.

Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are always a light and refreshing dessert, and Bush gave hers a tropical twist by adding coconut to the filling. Get a similar recipe here.


One of the Bush family’s favorite restaurants in Texas named pizzas after each family member. Barbara’s pie is topped with goodies like chicken, spinach, mushrooms and artichokes. Here’s a copycat recipe to try in your kitchen.

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Barbecue Chicken

The Bushes loved to fire up the grill, and Barbara had a great barbecue chicken recipe. She made her own sauce using ketchup as the base. Try making your own version at home.

Clam Chowder

The former First Lady made a delicious clam chowder thickened with cream of celery soup and enriched with bacon drippings. This hearty version calls for a lot of potatoes.

Cheesy Enchiladas

Like most proud Texans, Mrs. Bush loved Tex-Mex food, especially cheese enchiladas and tacos; they even had Texas-made tacos flown to the White House once.

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