You've fired up the grill and you're all ready to chow down-- but don't forget about something to wash it all down. This summer is gearing up to be a real scorcher.

You could cool off with a creative cocktail but why not take your beverage game to the next level with one of these down right awesome drinking devices. Whether you're at a backyard barbecue or out on the town, these cool containers are sure to impress a summer crowd.

From drink dispensing golf clubs to boozy bangles, here are five fun accessories that will help you hit the sauce—or just stay hydrated-- this summer.

1. Hide your club soda with a club.


(The Drink Driver Caddy, Alfred Boyd)

Drink Dispensing Golf Club

Get a head start on the 19th hole while still maintaining perfect course etiquette with this clever Drink Driver Caddy. The head and shaft may look like a normal nine iron, but the bag conceals an insulated cooler within. A spout in the club head dispenses the booze of your choice at the touch of a button. Many clubs frown on drinking alcohol while on the green so you can also use this creative caddy to sip water.

Price: $69

2. The ultimate drinking disguise.


(The Wine Rack, TheBeerBelly.com)

The Beer Belly/Wine Rack

These stealth beverage systems provide your drink of choice while enhancing your physique. The beerbelly gives guys access to over 80 ounces of their favorite pilsner--more than a 6 pack-- while the wine rack will turn an A cup into a buxom double D when filled to capacity-- no surgery required!

Price: $49.95/$29.99

3. Fresh fruit on tap.


(Fruit Keg Tapping Kit, UncommonGoods)

Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Get your daily recommended allowance of fruit in a fun new way. This clever kit turns the fruit of your choice—though it works best with melons or pumpkins-- into an all-natural keg. Simply hollow out and fill with the cocktail or juice of your choice. Attach the tap and let the summer soirée begin.

Price: $19.99

4. A classy bagged wine.



Wine2Go Portable Wine Bags

Don’t feel like lugging heavy wine bottles to your beach bash or campsite? These portable, reusable plastic wine bags are perfect the accessory. Each BPA-free wine bag holds up to one 750mL bottle of wine allowing you to take your favorite cuvée anywhere there’s a “no glass” policy.

Price: $12.99

5. A bracelet for booze-lovers.


(Cynthia Rowley)

Cynthia Rowley Boozy Bangle

Who knew drinking could be so stylish? This cleverly conceived bracelet-flask from designer Cynthia Rowley allows you to combine a love of liquor with keen fashion sense. Available in both silver and gold, booze-loving bracelet wearers can simply add up to 3 oz of their  spirit of choice and keep it safe and secure. It’s the perfect accessory to that sexy summer maxi or bathing suit ensemble.

Price: $225