Sometimes looks can be deceiving. We'd all love our asparagus to taste like chocolate cake, right?  Well, now you can have your veggies and cake, too. Here is a list of 15 fabulous cakes that look just like other, healthier meals. (Take a closer look. You won't believe these are really cakes.)  So if you're going to cheat yourself and binge on cake, try these. Those around you will have no idea your calorie intake has skyrocketed. Happy snacking.

1. Asparagus Cake



Rosie at Sweetapolita has done something truly incredible. She crafted a chocolate fondant cake that looks identical to a bundle of asparagus. Three cheers for Rosie. All us diet-busters will be forever grateful.

2. Roasted Pig Cake

(Wicked Little Cake Company)

The folks at Wicked Little Cake Company pulled off the caper of all cakes. They created a cake that looks just like a roasted pig and we're talking dead pig on a plate people. Brilliant.

3. Wine and Cheese Plate Cake

(The Butter End Cakery)

This cake is so very French on the outside and so very homegrown American on the inside. Maybe the best combination ever.

4. Champagne Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

This cake was crafted with poured sugar. The elegant work of confection art looks so much like champagne, you get thirsty just looking at it.

5. Chicken and Waffles Cake

(The Butter End Cakery)

What's better than chicken and waffles? One thing: cake. This cake is probably the most epically unhealthy meal on the list. It looks like fried chicken and tastes like cake. Is there anything better?

6. Crab Cake

(The Wicked Little Cake Company)

This cake gives a whole new, and awesome, meaning to crab cakes. The Wicked Little Cake Company got really creative with this one. Hopefully it doesn't pinch.

7. Veggies on a Cutting Board Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

Ah yes, fresh vegetables. Just kidding. It's cake. This one would be perfect for those of us who like to pretend we enjoy eating healthy.

8. Growler Cake

(The Butter End Cakery)

Alert: This cake may lead to disappointment, depending on the mood of the party. If it's a big drinking crowd, they may throw a fit while going for a glass of cold micro-brew and eating cake instead. But let's be real, anyone disappointed by cake is not worth befriending anyway.

9. Pancake Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

Now, if this cake were a typical breakfast in bed, the world would be a much happier place. The folks at Pink Cake Box have put the "cake" back in "pancake" in the best way possible.

10. Sandwich Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

Created for an Italian sandwich shop that was reopening its business, this cake is a tribute to all things awesome, cakes and sandwiches.

11. Sushi Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

No raw fish in this little gem of a cake. It's just pure sugary goodness, more specifically, a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream. Yum.

12. Dead Fish Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

Gone fishin'...for fistfuls of cake. This one is almost creepy it's so realistic. Don't worry, the poor fish was actually a s'mores cake with graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate buttercream filling.

13. Protein Shake Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

This cake is perfect for fooling your loved ones into thinking you are actually eating healthy. It looks just like a blender full of nutrition. Joke's on everyone else, you've got cake.

14. Baked Potato Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

There's something really cozy about a hot fresh-baked potato. But nothing beats a slice of fresh-baked cake. Here is a lovely rendition of the potato, tin foil and all.

15. Stout Cake

(Pink Cake Box)

Cheers. You've got a foamy delicious chunk of beer-shaped cake. This one has all the charm of a nice glass of Guinness, but all the flavor of cake. Take that Ireland, we just put some dessert in your breakfast beer.