It's April 1, that time of year when food pranks are everywhere. From salt in the sugar shaker, to a trick piece of gum, today's the day to watch your back when it comes to something edible. It’s

In the past, we've seen things like Scope’s phony bacon mouthwash or the fake “Deluxe Delivery” option by Seamless, where the website said it would give customers the ability to select who should deliver their food.

While April Fool’s Day makes it confusing to sort out what's real and what's a joke, these nine products are really for sale and can be yours. They may fool a few unsuspecting coworkers but try them out-- they might not taste that funny after all.

1. Bacon Cotton Candy



Sure, bacon is on absolutely everything these days but that doesn't make it right. Bacon Cotton Candy is novelty item being sold at sports stadiums this spring but you can snag your very own salty fluffy treat online. We have no idea how this product tastes but we'd choose crispy original bacon over artificial flavoring any day.

2. Tobacco and Menthol Vodka



We’ll admit, there are some seriously weird flavors of vodka out there. But the Tobacco and Menthol flavored vodkas from IVANABITCH have to be the strangest and possibly most disgusting flavors of vodka.  Sure, smoking and drinking often go hand-in-hand, but it’s usually done with different hands and definitely not in the same glass.

3. Watermelon Oreos



Oreo called this addition to its line of cookies a “fun, summer flavor.” The brand wasn’t pulling anyone’s leg when it released the fruity Oreo on Target shelves nationwide last summer. The multi-colored treat actually received some pretty positive reviews.

4. Sriracha Stout Beer


(Rogue Ales)

There's nothing the cult favorite Sriracha sauce hasn't touched but adding it to be a beverage has a scratching our heads. How do you cool down after a spicy meal? Surely this souped up Stout from Rogue Ales isn't the answer. We love Huy Fong Food's signature condiment but we'll stick to ales without a kick for refreshment.

5. Goldfish Sandwich Bread


(Pepperidge Farm)

There's an old saying, “a sandwich always tastes better when it’s shaped like a fish.” Actually, it’s unlikely that anyone has ever said that, which is why it is so confusing that Pepperidge Farm still manages to sell this product. There’s obviously an underground market of people who love fish-shaped bread.

6. Ranch Dressing Soda


(Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops)

It’s hard to imagine the type of place that would sell Ranch dressing flavored soda, but then again the Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops, where the beverage is sold, are not like anything you could imagine. “The inventory is always expanding, just like outer-space,” reads the
franchise’s website. “So if you want to have fun then fly on over in your space ship and cruise around a Rocket Fizz universe.” If you like planetary exploration and soda that tastes like salad dressing, cruise on over to any one of their locations around the country.

7. Prawn Cocktail Potato Chips



Technically these are a British snack, so we have to call them “crisps.” Whatever you want to call them, they represent a bizarre hybrid of classy dinner guest and slouched-over couch potato. Whichever one you are, let it be known that these chips come coated in a hefty helping of cocktail sauce and are light on the taste of shrimp.

8. Bubble Gum Peeps



Ah yes, the celebration of spring with blooming flowers and fluffy, chewing gum flavored baby chickens. The whole concept of Peeps is a little weird, but flavoring them like bubble gum takes it to another level. Admittedly, they are pretty tasty. So we’re pretty glad these pink puffballs aren’t a prank.

9. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Combos



What’s with brands inserting breakfast flavors into our snacks? Not that there’s anything wrong with a good bacon, egg and cheese sandwich – but the operative word in that phrase is “sandwich.”

10. Celery Jell-O



If you live south of the Mason-Dixon line, you know that “salad” actually means Jell-O. During the 1960s, housewives across the nation made use of Jell-O to bring fruits and vegetables to the dinner table. That being said, celery flavored Jell-O -- while short-lived – definitely sounds like a joke to today’s modern Jell-O enthusiast.

11. Chicken 'n Waffles Salt Water Taffy



What is it about sweet and savory things? One candy maker has mixed dinner and dessert with this over-the-top candy creation. Chicken and waffles is such a special dish because of the unique crispy and fluffy textures the two foods provide so we're not sure how that translates to a chewy, sticky taffy.