A chill is in the air, the pumpkin is ready to be carved and all the apples have been picked. It’s time to sit back and enjoy a fall craft beer --and have we got the perfect list for you.

1. Shmaltz Brewing Death of a Contract Brewer Black IPA



This beer has a smell that will make you dive right in, with hints of raisin, cherry, and coffee.  But the taste has a greater variety of unique flavors. It begins chocolately, then quickly melts into a spicy celery, and finishes with a smokey, espresso flavor. This beer is definitely for enjoying by the fire, and so rich that it makes for the perfect nightcap.

2. Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale



This beer is all treat and no trick. Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale smells like your kitchen at Thanksgiving, with hints of pumpkin pie, ginger, and cinnamon. It has a smooth and spicy taste with a touch of brown sugar and it finishes with notes of nutmeg and pumpkin.

3. Moody Tongue Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter



This beer hits your nose with a hint of licorice that quickly turns into pure dark chocolate. The jet black pour, thin tan head resembles creamy smooth chocolate milk with a hint a cinnamon.  You may even catch a slight salty bite, which only enhances all those sweet wonderful flavors. Enjoy this Baltic porter from October to the end of December.

4. Sam Adams Octoberfest



This beer always makes our list. It’s a fall classic and consistently good. When you inhale you get hint of apple cider vinegar and a caramel. The taste begins bready and ends malty and in between, the flavor is a honey caramel with a slight hoppy edge. The texture is velvety and light, so it goes well with just about anything.

5. Founders Spectra Trifectra



This was the most unique beer of the bunch. It smells like the sage you use in your Thanksgiving stuffing, but the taste takes you down a completely different path. You get lemongrass, green tea with hints of ginger and pear. You also get distinct notes of flowery chamomile.

6. Shmaltz and Terrapin Reunion Ale



Crack open this beer and you're hit with the aroma of vanilla and apple.  The taste begins with hints of banana bread and vanilla sweetness.  But then you get hints of pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger, ending with a slight peppery finish. The consistency is almost like a cream ale.  And, it's a pretty solid beer, so it's best at a tailgate or a night by the fire.  And best of all, drinking it will help others, as a portion of the proceeds will go to help fund Myeloma and Bone Cancer research.

7. Genesee Brew House Imperial Black IPA



Like chocolate and scotch?  You'll enjoy cracking open this beer.  Your nose will pick up a chocolate nuttiness, almost like Nutella and the taste follows with very rich, dark cocoa flavor. But the finish is more comparable to a deep, smokey scotch.

8. Ballast Point The Commodore



If you’re a stout fan this beer is for you. This hardy beer goes down bitter but has hints of mocha and pure 100 percent dark chocolate. Even with fairly low alcohol content of 6.5 ABV, it tastes strong --almost like a whiskey.

9. Due South Isle of MaGourdo



This beer will take you back to your pumpkin carving days. The flavor is full of cinnamon, clove, and allspice. Even the color even says fall. It’s light and smooth --perfect for an afternoon of football or raking leaves.

10. Magic Hat Ale



This beer has nostalgia brewed right in. When you first open it up, it smells like your mom just opened a box of yellow cake mix, and after another whiff, you get molasses and caramel. The taste starts by resembling a cream soda and slowly becomes metallic, deepening into a smokey cocoa. Don’t worry, that metallic taste fades away after a few sips. And you're left with a great beer for a weekend gathering around the kitchen table.

11. Pale Fire Brewing Deadly Rhythm Pale Ale



Are you in denial that summer is over?  This brew is for you. The smell of honey, lemon, and hops hits your nose quickly and the taste is surprisingly intense and hoppy. Its light yellow color will remind you of scarecrows and hayrides --perfect for an Indian summer's day.