Nothing says I love you quite like a homemade meal.

This Mother's Day, treat your mom to brunch with these recipes. Whether she has a sweet tooth or prefers a healthier option, these dishes are sure to impress her.

1. Orange-lemon waffles


(City Limits)

Add some zing to your homemade waffles. This recipe calls for the zest of both lemons and oranges, and the stiffly-beaten egg whites adds an air-like quality to your brunch.

Recipe: Orange-lemon waffles

2. Bacon jam



Serve this versatile condiment with just about anything. Actually you can serve all by itself on grilled bread. All the basic tastes are there (salty, sweet, sour, bitter, umami) --plus some spicy heat.

Recipe: Bacon jam

3. David Burke's PB & J french toast


(David Burke Group)

This recipe takes the kid-favorite flavors of peanut butter and jelly and brings them to another level.

Recipe: David Burke's PB & J french toast

4. Grilled banana bread with maple bacon butter


(The Tripel)

Bacon. Butter. Bananas. Need we say more?

Recipe: Grilled banana bread with maple bacon butter

5. Watermelon lemonade


(Liz Fourez)

No brunch is complete without a refreshing beverage.

Recipe: Watermelon lemonade

6. Pastrami and arugula omelette


(Sharon Bishop, Paleo Fondue)

Brunch isn't all about waffles and pancakes. This omelette recipe is delicious and healthy.

Recipe: Pastrami and arugula omelette

7. Chorizo and green chile frittata


(Sharon Bishop, Paleo fondue)

Avocado adds a delicious and creamy element to this hearty frittata.

Recipe: Chorizo and green chile frittata

8. Mushroom flatbread


(Chef Danny Elamleh)

The delicious take on pizza will have you wanting more.

Recipe: Mushroom flatbread

9. Scrambled egg donburi


(Henry Hargreaves)

Impress your mom with this recipe is from Las Vegas' Nobu Hotel.  It's easier to make than it looks.

Recipe: Scrambled egg donburi

10. Deviled Egg with sea salt popchips



This is definitely not your grandma's deviled egg recipe. Give those savory bites a little crunch is tiny pieces of super light popchips --an airy type of potato chip .

Recipe: Deviled Egg with sea salt popchips