‘Veronica Mars’ movie gets March 2014 release date

The much-anticipated “Veronica Mars” movie is hitting theaters March 14, 2014 — fittingly, a year and a day after a Kickstarter campaign was launched to bring the fan-favorite show to the big screen.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news, with series creator Rob Thomas telling them ““Warner Bros. had this date circled for quite some time and hoped it would stay open. Luckily, no other teen detective movie decided to open in the middle of March.”

It’s still unclear how many screens the film will be released on or how long it will stay in theaters.

The “Veronica Mars” Kickstarter campaign was a unilateral success, ranking in over $5 million and starting a trend of industry names like Zach Braff and Spike Lee turning to the crowdsourcing website for backing support.