Today's News: Our Take - Jay's Blink-and-You-Missed-It Rip on Conan

Jay Leno zinged Conan O'Brien during the The Tonight Show, linking him and his supporters to the man charged in the attempted car bomb attack in Times Square.

Conan: I got very depressed

During his monologue, Leno featured a mock Facebook page for suspect Faisal Shahzad.

While making a joke about Shahzad's "Activities" section of the profile, it was visible — though neither mentioned nor highlighted — that "Team Coco" was one of his member pages. ( was the first to point it out).

NBC and O'Brien's reps refused to comment, while Leno's rep deferred to the network's response.

Watch the video (3:45 mark):

Besides getting criticism for also trying to mine humor from a fresh and potentially deadly incident in the monologue, Leno has been getting mocked for recycling or outright repeating jokes at last weekend's White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

A video put together by juxtaposes him telling jokes on his show and again in Washington. Perhaps he was banking on the fact that no one in the audience watches his show?

Watch the video:

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