Forget About Winter, Think About Swimsuits Instead

Sick of winter yet?

Well, after shoveling the Tercel out from under a six-foot snow drift on Monday, we are.

So in the spirit of changing the subject, fast, we turned to style expert Nadja Koglin for her tips and recommendations for cruise and vacation wear as cruise season and, dare we say, Spring Break, start becoming more than just fantasies.

“Swimwear is more and more a part of our every day fashion," Koglin explained. "Brands like A Ché deliver bikini tops in top bra quality and bra sizes, so women wear it not just by the pool but also at night under a sleek blazer."

Koglin said some designers are embellishing their swimsuits and resort-wear to such an extent that you can leave heavy statement necklaces and other bold accessories at home. She recommends Beachbunny Swimwear because “they are consistently bedazzling their designs with seductive embellishments.”

She said A Ché also just launched beautiful, chic headpieces to match their swimwear. “It’s key to make sure to tone it down on the jewelry and other accessories or you will appear more like an unlit Christmas tree,” Koglin said.


Cruise season 2011 also marks the big return of the one-piece and the monokini in addition to a keen mindfulness towards choosing styles that flatter your curves. To that end, Nadja points out swimwear supermodel Joanna Krupa's vintage inspired, figure conscious high waisted bikini from Krupa's “Kashmir" collection.

“We have already embraced high waist pants throughout 2010, so it is nice to see this trend making its way into swimwear, since it’s very flattering for the waistline.”

Another resort-wear trend this year is lots of animal and safari prints, which easily coordinate with shorts, khaki pants, heels, boots and pareos. Koglin said she often wears a safari print bikini top with a white suit in the evening, and then recycles it pairing it with a mini skirt and sandals by day.

But while most of us will probably be rocking our swimsuits on the beach, and not the disco, there are still ways to enhance your look with swimsuits that pack an extra punch. Our favorite is a bust enhancement from Kymaro Bust-Up Cups, which you can wear under any garment to add support.

Take a look through Koglin's slideshow for more great swimwear ideas.

And please excuse us as we run off to the gym.