Celebs to get their own terminal at LAX, but what does it mean for the paparazzi and everyone else?

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Don’t expect to see the Kardashians going through airport security with you anytime soon. The Board of Airport Commissioners approved the construction of a private terminal for Hollywood celebs, athletes and the uber wealthy at LAX.

The move isn’t unheard of. The Los Angeles Suite is modeled after the Windsor Suite at London’s Heathrow airport.

The Guardian reports celebs will need to fork up $1,500 to $1,800 per trip to use the terminal, and in return they will only have to walk 60 steps to board the plane.

This Los Angeles Suite will allow passengers to be dropped off in a covered entrance, behind closed doors, avoiding the paparazzi frenzy, and will have separate security and border checkpoints.

So what happens to the paparazzi LAX interviews the tabloids have come to rely on?

After all, some of the most buzzed about stars sans makeup pics are snapped at LAX, and Kanye West memorably had a caught-on-camera scuffle with a paparazzo at the airport.

Jennifer Buhl, author of “Shooting Stars: My Unexpected Life Photographing Hollywood’s Most Famous,” explained to FOX411 how the paparazzi will find another way to get the shot they need.

“Paps are creative; it won't make a big difference to them. Anyway removing ‘low hanging fruit’ means fewer pics on the market potentially driving prices up for other non-airport shots, taken by more skilled photogs. Though realistically shutting down airport shots probably won't make a big difference to supply and demand. LA is a big place!”

Pop culture expert Lisa Durden agrees.

“Once the paparazzi [find] out that there is a terminal dedicated to the rich and famous, they're going to know exactly where they are and it’s going to make it easier for them to turn up the heat and hawk them even harder,” she said. “This is so laughable!”

David Daily, security consultant and personal driver, however, thinks the new terminal is a smart strategy for LAX overall.

“I think it’s a great thing. I think it’s going to ease some of congestion in the terminals,” he explained. “If you have ever been there when a celebrity comes through and the paparazzi are there—it’s a nuthouse. You have the driver or bodyguard working their way through the crowd to get the celebrity out.”

Still, Daily also expressed doubt that the new terminal would really be able to keep the photographers away.

Bonnie Fuller, editor of Hollywoodlife.com, however, is hopefully the new terminal will be an all-around success for both celebs and those willing to pay up for privacy at the airport.

“This will be fantastic for celebrities, but I can see regular paying airline customers demanding access to the private terminal,” she said. “We all want to avoid the crowds and to get through security fast.”

According to The Guardian, the new terminal is expected to be up and running within six months.