Young Cubans make pedal-powered Model T for transport, fun

In a country where few can afford a car, some Cuban high school students have built a replica of a Model T Ford propelled with pedals instead of a gasoline engine.

They painstakingly acquired and installed thousands of nuts, bolts and used car parts to complete the creation.

Transportation can be daunting for many Cubans, with old cars selling for more than $30,000 and new cars more than $50,000. The state-run bus system is overburdened and unreliable.

Eighteen-year-old Dany Gomez was the mastermind behind the homemade pedal car, which gets four people to nearby beaches and onto Havana's coastal Malecon boulevard at night.

Gomez says it's not perfect, but allows him and his friends to get around. And they can get a little exercise while doing so.