Frank Sinatra owned a string of fabulous cars during the course of his life, but one of his last is not what you’d expect.

It’s a 1985 Chrysler LeBaron “Woody” Station Wagon that is rumored to be the last car Old Blue Eyes ever drove, and it’s currently up for sale through an online auction in the U.K.

Sinatra definitely owned the turbocharged K-Car, and tooled around in it for several years, often with a chauffeur behind the wheel.

It may seem like an odd choice for such a big star, but the heavily tinted windows suggest he was looking for a low key car and he was a longtime fan of the brand.

In fact, Chrysler even offered a special Frank Sinatra Limited Edition of the Imperial coupe from 1981-1982 that was painted blue like the singer’s eyes and delivered with a 16-cassette collection of his records.

Less than 300 of them were built and they sell for only around $10,000 today, but you’ll likely have to pay a lot more than that for the LeBaron.

While the H&H auction house website doesn’t offer an estimate, the car was listed for sale previously for nearly $300,000.