Watch: Truck eats car

The next time your spouse tells you the garbage can is too full, show them this.

New Way Trucks devised a clever way to show that its refuse trucks have the stuff to crush even the most challenging trash.

The Scranton, Pennsylvania-based company loaded an entire Pontiac Grand Am into the back of one of its Cobra Magnum, which proceeded to compact it in a matter of moments and drive away like it just took in a load of defective marshmallows.

New Way says the Cobra Magnum “delivers a crushing bite to anything you throw at it,” and from the looks of the video, it ain't lying.

So, if your local sanitation department uses one of these, don’t worry about jamming another dirty diaper in the can before you take out the trash, the truck can handle it.

The sanitation workers, however, may have something to say about it.