Mischo Erban is no stranger to world records -- the extreme skateboarder already holds a world record for the fastest standing downhill skateboard run. Now, the 32-year-old thrill-seeker has set another skateboarding world record, this time speeding up to almost 60 miles per hour on an electric skateboard.

Erban set the world record on the runway at the Portoro Airport in Piran, Slovenia. Headcam video captured the incredible run as Erban raced down the track at speeds up to 59.55 mph. He remained steady in a crouched position until he crashed at the end of the run. Fortunately, he wiped out after setting the record and survived the fall unscathed.

Underneath his feet, Erban was riding a custom-designed electric longboard from Slovenian start-up Next Generation Vehicles (NGV). "I am attracted by speed -- and have learned to master the danger. So it was natural to team with 'NEXTboards' for another Guinness World Records title," said Erban about his world record attempt. NVG worked for two years to develop the motorized four-wheel drive skateboard, which includes a Scorpion motor on each wheel, two batteries for power and a handheld remote control for speed. Each board has a range osf10 to 15 km (6 to 9 miles), making it more of a racing sports skateboard instead of a transportation vehicle.

Known for his daredevil antics, Erban clocked his first world record in 2012 when the sped down the Les Eboulements road in Quebec, Canada. With an 18-degree incline, Erban was able to reach speeds up to 80.74 miles per hour while standing on his un-powered longboard. Erban said he wasn't scared by the run and is looking to go even faster downhill.

"I want to be able to do 160mph but there isn't a road which exists to do it on, but I think it would be possible because it is possible for downhill skiers," said Erban. "I just need someone to build the road first."