Watch, hear Hennessey Venom GT hit 230 mph in 20 seconds

They’re 4/5ths of the way there.

Aiming to one day hit 275 mph in its Venom GT, and claim the title of world’s fastest production car, Hennessey Performance took the $1.1 million supercar somewhere it could really fly for some test runs.

On the7,500-foot-long runway at Houston Ellington Field, the 1,244 hp car blasted from 0 to 230 mph in less than 20 seconds before it ran out of room. The two seat coupe is powered by a 7.0-liter V8 from a Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 that’s been heavily modified by Hennessey with twin-turbochargers and a custom intake and exhaust system.

A video camera attached to the car captured the sights and sounds of the car torturing its traction control system all the way through third gear at over 100 mph.

The car apparently survived the beating with no problems and is just waiting for the team to find a stretch of road flat and straight enough for it to go for the record, but they’ll be happy to sell it to you in the meantime.

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Of course if it doesn’t sound like enough car for you, Hennessey has announced plans to start building a next generation Venom next year featuring new bodywork and a 1,500 hp engine that computer simulations say could be good for a 287 mph top speed.