If there ever was a video you had to see to believe, this latest clip of a very unusual crash taking place in Russia would certainly be one of the top contenders.

The clip shows what appears to be an ordinary intersection on a bright sunny day. Unfortunately, there are some downed power lines running through the middle of the intersection.

One very unlucky driver appears to be the first to come across the cables, with his car’s wheels and bumper getting entwined with them when driven over. Like a hunter’s trap, the cables cause the front of the car to shoot up in the air, execute a flip and then finally land on its roof.

Fortunately, the driver was able to walk away from the crash, though he looks to have sustained some injuries.

Amazingly, other drivers proceed to cross the same intersection directly after witnessing the first car flip. And yes, that's the original music from the car with the onboard camera syncing up perfectly with the crash.

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