Ride-hail vehicle's steering wheel allegedly falls off in viral video

An alleged Uber customer had the rideshare of his life when he says the steering wheel of the SUV he was in came off in the driver’s hands.

In a video posted to Twitter by @_shawndagoat that has been viewed over four million times, the driver can be seen trying to reattach the wheel of what appears to be a Land Rover LR2 as Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” plays on the radio.

Details on where and when the episode occurred were not shared, but shawndagoat’s profile says he is from the Cairo, Ga., area.

The 17-second clip also didn’t capture the moment the wheel came loose or what happened afterward, but he followed up with a tweet that says:

“She got no tip no stars no nun we jump df out, f--- the money I almost died dat day ‘U CAN LET US OUT RIGHT HERE MAM.’”

An Uber representative told Fox News Autos that the company was investigating the incident, but couldn’t yet confirm that it in fact happened on its network. Uber support tweeted to shawndagoat asking him to direct message it with more information.

Update: On Monday, July 29, shawndagoat tweeted "Lyft Driver*", suggesting he misidentified the rideshare company involved. However, a representative for Lyft said that it could not identify a ride that matches the description and shawndagoat has not responded to a request for more information from Fox News Autos.