Two teens hospitalized after breaking into Lime Rock Park and racing go-karts

Two teenagers have been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries after a serious crash Wednesday night at Lime Rock Park, reports the Hartford Courant.

According to, a spokesperson for Lime Rock Park - a 1.5-mile road course in Connecticut - confirmed that five teenagers broke into the track Wednesday night, stole five Endurance Karting karts and then attempted to race them the wrong way around the main course.

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A crash occurred near the pit entry, with the Hartford Courant reporting that a 15-year-old female was taken by Life Star Helicopter to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for head and torso injuries while a 15-year-old male was taken to Sharon Hospital with head and arm injuries.

Republican-American adds that the karts were designed to run on a mini-course at the track and not the main course, and reports that the drivers involved in the incident were wearing helmets.

The crash did not take place during a scheduled event and state police are investigating the incident.


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