It looks like a video game that’s come to life, that because it is.

The Lightcycle from Parker Brothers Choppers was inspired by the movie “Tron: Legacy,” where virtual characters race on high speed bikes that behind deadly trails of light.

The Parker Brother’s version can’t do that last part, but is otherwise a near exact replica of the CGI rides in the movie and, best of all, you can actually buy one.

Despite the unconventional seating position and hubless wheels, the Lightcycle is far from a show bike. It is powered by electricity, can travel up to 80 miles per 35 minute charge and costs about $60,000.

But what’s most amazing about it is that Parker Brothers Choppers didn’t even exist a year ago.

Brothers Marc and Shannon used to build custom bikes as a hobby. Then they created a replica of the BatPod seen in the movie “The Dark Knight” which garnered a lot of attention and potential customers, so they set up shop.

They followed it up with a gasoline-powered version of the Lightcycle, that’s still available and featured in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, but wanted to build something even closer to the “real” thing, so they went electric.

Marc says that despite its odd shape, the Lightcycle is more maneuverable than a lot of the choppers he’s ridden, and definitely ready for the road.

Parker Brothers Choppers already has orders for 20 Lightcycles and builds conventional custom bikes for a growing roster of impressive clients. On the day we called, Shaquille O’Neal had just dropped by to check things out.

Now about Judge Dredd’s flying motorcycle…

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