Toyota 'Batmobile' is no joke

A used 2002 Toyota MR2 is worth about $8,000, but there’s one in England that’ll cost you closer to $150,000.

That’s because it’s been turned into a tribute to Christian Bale-era Batman’s “Tumbler.”


It was built by a movie car hire company called Character Cars, and is a head-turner, even if it’s much smaller than the real deal Batmobile.

(Historics Auctioneers)

Beyond the bodywork, the vehicle has been heavily modified with new suspensions and a dually rear end that uses the wheels and tires from a military truck. The engine has also been swapped for a tuned 2.0-liter motor with 400 hp and it’s equipped with a faux-flame-throwing exhaust.

(Historics Auctioneers)

Since the windshield is blacked out, front and rear cameras with infrared capability and monitors have been installed to help you along as you turn the bat-shaped steering wheel. For some reason, it has police lights and sirens, which Batman never needed, and also road lighting, which it doesn’t need because it’s not street legal as-is, although it is titled.

(Historics Auctioneers)

The custom car will be auctioned alongside a number of conventional ones at the Historics Auctioneers event on March 2 at the Ascot Racecourse.