This would be an awesome look for the next Ford Bronco

We know Ford is planning a sport-utility vehicle blitz. We're pretty sure the Bronco will be one of them. The big question now is: What will it look like?

A forum called is offering up a suggestion that blends the Bronco's historically rugged looks with cues from Ford's 2004 concept and the company's contemporary design language. "Our concept features a modern body-on-frame next-generation Bronco that retains a tall, boxy, tough, no-frills design with a strong focus on utility and off-road capabilities," the forum administrator wrote.

It's impressive, no doubt, and this is the direction many Bronco fans would like to see the new model take. Still, Ford could choose to eschew the retro looks in favor of styling cues that better fit with its current lineup. Bronco6G's conception also views the new ute as a Jeep Wrangler-fighter, though theoretically Ford could use the name on any kind of vehicle.

Ford's SUV onslaught is expected to include an SUV for Lincoln, at least one product with some form of electrification, and a mini utility vehicle. One of the four will also be a global product, which might not even have US intent.

Ford sales and marketing chief Mark LaNeve didn't confirm the Bronco's return when he laid out the company's new SUV strategy earlier this month at the Chicago Auto Show. Clearly, there's support for it.

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