If you can’t get the Ford Focus RS to drift, it is now officially on you.


The all-wheel-drive car already features a “Drift Mode” that directs power to the rear and loses up the stability and traction control to let it spin the tires and do powerslides and donuts when you slam the throttle, but now there’s an easy way to get sideways by using the brakes, instead.



Ford is introducing a “Drift Stick” electronic handbrake at the SEMA show that cuts power to the rear wheels and locks them up with a light pull on a large, vertical rally car-style handbrake lever that attaches to the conventional one in the center console. If you’ve seen one of Ford Racing driver Ken Block’s “Gymkhana” videos, you’ll recognize the look and the effect the stick has, although Block’s cars use a more complicated hydraulic setup.

The $999 kit doesn’t require any major modifications to the car and is easily removable, according to Ford. Installing it doesn’t void the Focus RS warranty, but it is not meant to be used on public roads.