Tesla Model S will get wireless charging option in April

Before Tesla makes its creepy automatic robot charging arm available, if you want to charge without worrying about connecting your Model S to a cable, Evatran has something for you. The company behind Plugless Power is now taking pre-orders for an inductive charging pad for the most-popular Tesla EV. Shipping for the rear wheel drive-compatible wireless charging systems will start at some point this April, while the Plugless for D models "will begin deliveries later in the year, but we do not have a specific date," Evatran says.

Evatran is not announcing the price of the Model S version, but for now, it will take your refundable deposit of $244. Evatran also offers wireless charging options for the Chevy Volt (which costs $1,260), Nissan Leaf ($1,540), and Cadillac ELR ($1,940). The company says that, "Plugless is not yet available for Tesla Roadster, Model X or Model 3. Our engineers are hard at work to bring Plugless to all Tesla models."

The wireless charging is a 7.2-kW system that needs a 50-amp circuit and can be installed in a garage or outdoors. It should put 20 miles of range into your Model S for every hour that the car is sitting atop the charging pad. You don't need to change the Tesla systems or software, Evatran says. The 35-pound adapter that you need to put on your car will be installed by an Evatran-certified technician, which is included in the cost of the charger, whatever that ends up being.


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