If you’re looking for an early, though entirely unscientific indicator of how voting is going in your neighborhood today, take a look around the parking lot of your polling place.

A Facebook survey by automotive research website TotalCarScore.com asked Americans about their political and automotive affiliations and found some distinct differences among them.

Fitting various stereotypes, the largest group of those who identified themselves as Republican/conservative, 29 percent overall, said they drive trucks, while 27 percent of Democrats/liberals go for economy and compact cars.

Hybrid cars are least popular among drivers from both parties, although Democrats are more than twice as likely to drive one as Republicans, at a rate of 6 percent vs. 2.7 percent. Interestingly, Republicans still prefer them to minivans and vans, which ranked last on their side of the survey.

There is some common ground to be found, however, with SUVs and crossovers coming in second place on both sides of the aisle, 20 percent for Republicans vs. 18 percent for Democrats, followed by midsized cars.

Of course, this being the home of the muscle car, sports cars know no party lines. In what turned out to be the closest race, 14.3 percent of Republicans and 13.6 percent of Democrats said that they have them in their garages.

What more American way to celebrate your candidate’s victory than a nice smoky burnout?