Romanian rescue truck ready to roll...over anything

If you see this thing coming, you can be sure of one thing: you’re in big trouble. At least you were.

The Ghe-O Motors Rescue is a true all-terrain vehicle designed to take care of business where other trucks dare not go.

The Romanian-made monster looks like Hummer built for Brobdingnagians, and has giant wheels at its extremities endowing it with approach and departure angles that would make a Jeep Wrangler weep on its Trail Rated badges.

Powered by gas or diesel motors with up to 500 hp, its fully lockable four-wheel-drive system is stout enough for the vehicle to be outfitted as an 11-passenger transport, fully-equipped ambulance or off-road fire truck complete with a 160 gallon water tank.

Stuck in the middle of a lake? No problem, the Rescue can go there, too. It can be waterproofed and fitted with a set of airbags that straps to the wheels to make it float.

Although something as lame as snow doesn’t seem to be much of an issue for it, Ghe-O can also outfit the Rescue with tracks in place of the rear wheels, just in case.

Oh, and if you happen to encounter a lot of electromagenetic pulses where you operate, protection against them is an option.

The price? Sorry, there’s no sticker on the window, and they’ll only reveal it to legitimately interested customers.

If you fit that description, we hear Bucharest is lovely this time of year. Even if it’s not, you should be good in one of these.