How low can you go? Not that low if you live in Quebec.

Road & Track reports that the Canadian province has essentially banned cars featuring extremely lowered suspensions from being registered.

The custom style variously known as “slammed,” “stanced,” and “hellaflush,” which is the term used by Quebec officials in a recent advisory, involves lowering the car to the point that it’s practically dragging on the ground with its wheels adjusted so that they lean over in order to fit in the wheel wells. The look is finished off by stretching narrow tires onto wide rims.

The modifications can result in an ill-handling car that’s more show than go, which is why the authorities decided to crack down on the practice. The regulations are extensive, but basically if your tires rub the bodywork, or anything but the tires rubs the road, your car is now illegal.

At this point, it doesn’t look like police will be rounding up offending automobiles, but they’ll have to comply with the rules in order to pass their next inspection, not to mention pass over a speed bump.